By Hong Wang

Nvidia got hit by hackers lately and was forced to take down its developer support Web site because user passwords may have been compromised.
Close to 400,000 accounts may have been hit and hackers may have gotten hold of hashed passwords from the site. One of reasons the representative mentioned is that there was no update on timing in these websites.

This attack has heightened the awareness of the vulnerability of the Internet.

For controlling this situation, Nvidia recommended that people who frequent the Web site should change their passwords, particularly ones they also use on other sites. Secondly, Nvidia company is working around the clock to do bring the forums back up securely. Thirdly, Nvidia warned users against providing personal, financial, or sensitive information in response to any email supposedly sent by an Nvidia employee, since they don’t request sensitive information by e-mail. Nvidia also mentioned that it would provide updates on its developer site page.