NasDaq Confirms Servers Breached

This articles reports a server security breach at NasDaq that reported malware targeted at 10,000 potential senior executives who use the application Directors Desk App. The suspicious files were discovered during normal security monitoring systems. The breach was investigated and discovered malware was part of the culprit. The source or purpose of the malware at the time the article was written was still unknown. Additionally it does not appear any information was compromised with this breach. The suspicious files were removed.

For this articles you could recommend stronger host hardening controls and what not but overall NasDaq probably has one of the most sophisticated IT infrastructures with cutting edge state of the art security software. NasDaq contains a tremendous amount of sensitive data. NasDaq probably employs security controls including, regular internal control audits, access controls, firewalls, application security, data protection and incident and disaster response.

2nd article 10/10