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Security in the News is something that we will be covering all semester. At the beginning of each class I'll ask everyone to bring up any current news item related to IT security that you've heard about, read, etc. If the news is web-based I'm also encouraging you to 'flip' it into our class curated magazine - CyberSecurity a FlipBoard. FlipBoard is an app that works on both Android and iOS.

To contribute to, or 'flip' an article to our magazine you must first create an account (you can only do this via the app for now) and you need to become a contributor to the magazine which you can do by clicking on this link: If this link doesn't work, send me an e-mail asking to be a contributor and I'll reply with a link that you can use.

You flip articles from within FlipBoard by clicking on the + sign you see on any article in any magazine in FlipBoard. you can easily search for articles that are relevant for our class from within FlipBoard. You can also 'flip' articles to our magazine via a web browser by using the FlipBoard bookmarklet where you can also find instructions for creating a 'bookmarklet' for Safari on your iOS device.

Watch this video to see how to flip articles from either the app or from your browser.

FlipBoard and your Grade:

  • By flipping articles into our magazine and discussing them at the beginning of each class will contribute to your overall participation grade.

Security in the News Assignment Submissions:

  • The assignment is to be turned in via WebCourses
  • The assignment requires you to write an executive summary of the article (so for your Security in the News article pick something that is more than a few paragraphs long). The assignment also needs to include (and this is the most important part) how the exploit took place and an assessment on what IT security controls could have prevented the breach. This means that the article you choose but describe a breach and HOW that breach occurred.