1. 500K credit cards stolen in hack Steven Hornik
  2. Chinese hackers attack New York Times Kristen Martell
  3. Facebook hacked in "sophisticated attack" Tamara Barua
  4. Anonymous hacked Michael Wesler
  5. Evernote Passwords Stolen Stacy Lieberman
  6. Reserve Bank of Australia Hacked by chinese malware Jiaqi Tan
  7. LA Times Hack Lauren Russell
  8. Chinese Military Group Linked to Hacks of More Than 100 Companies Nahel McConnaughey
  9. County Investigating Attempted IT Breach Kevin Cloyd
  10. Hacked PCs falsify billions of ad clicks Matthew Wolfe
  11. The War Z taken offline following hack that exposed user passwordsMelody Pereira
  12. First Known Election Fraud Hack Rishabh Patel
  13. South Carolina Department of Health & Human Services data breach - Conrad Biegel
  14. Six Students Disciplined in Connection with TOSH Security Breach Monica Gianette
  15. CSUSM student accused of rigging college election Steven Peterson
  16. Xbox Hack Attack Leaves Microsoft Employees Exposed Melanie Schwartz
  17. Two Miami University Students Dismissed for Grade Hacking Daniel Baker
  18. Chinese Government Hacks into White House to Steal Nuclear Codes Christopher Plummer
  19. Malware spread on Skype taps victim PCs to mint bitcoins Scott Casturo
  20. Appleā€™s Worst Security Breach: 114,000 iPad Owners Exposed Brian Adamson
  21. Up to 1 million Scribd user passwords may have been compromised Benjamin Kummerfeld
  22. Medical Records of 2k Patients Left Unprotected on Contractor's Server Anna Latrobe
  23. Logic Bomb Set Off South Korea Cyberattack Justin Cabral
  24. Hackers hit Iowa College Database with 125,000 StudentsAljeroy Sneed
  25. White House says new Chinese IT equipment rule may disrupt business without helping securityMatthew Redmond